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I have received your beautiful letter. I’m totally overwhelmed. Only this for now – I do now recognize the beautiful soul you sketched so precisely. I could never forget his eyes. Yesterday was/would have been his birthday… and yesterday I picked your letter from the post-office.

     ~ from a shared connection ___________________________________________________________

I saw the picture you drew  … ( in a  group meeting). When I said I could take …  I was describing  (…)  who passed when he was (…) . (another’s) description of his personality was spot on too. He’s around me a lot at the moment.

Aw thank you so much. I love that you have this gift from spirit to be able to draw these wonderful pictures. It must be such an emotional connection xx


You have an amazing gift though and I am so pleased that you get to shine xx

      ~ attendee from group gathering

Love you dear !! You bring a light to my life and I value you endlessly !

      ~ collaborator, in work & life ______________________________________________________________

(…) so look forward to the card readings, it keeps me in touch with my higher self after giving my all to others throughout the week. It’s definitely my ME time !!! So appreciate you (…). You are such beautiful souls xxx

      ~ shared connection ______________________________________________________________

I just checked my mail, I loved the letter 😊

      ~ year-long Mentoring participant ______________________________________________________________